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Content requirements for readable pdf-invoices

Please ensure that the following information is included in your readable pdf-invoice.
If some of the mandatory information is missing, your invoice can be rejected.

Invoice informationMandatory fields
General information
Invoice numberMandatory
Invoice type (invoice, credit note)Mandatory
If credit note, refer to the original invoice numberMandatory
Invoice dateMandatory, must be a valid calendar date
Due date or payment termDepends on the country
Reference information
KONE purchase order numberMandatory for PO purchases
KONE reference (contact person or cost center)Mandatory
Contract numberIf applicable
Delivery note numberIf applicable
Date of delivery / supplyDepends on the country
Customer information
Full name of KONE entityMandatory
Full address of KONE entityMandatory
KONE entity VAT number / registration numberDepends on the country
Supplier information
Full name of the supplierMandatory
Full address of the supplierMandatory
Supplier VAT ID / registration numberDepends on the country
Bank account details (BIC & IBAN or local bank account number)Depends on the country
Payment reference in country specific standard formatIf applicable
Invoice amounts
Net amount (tax* excluded)Depends on the country
Gross amount (tax* included)Mandatory
FreightIf applicable
Tax* rate / percentageDepends on the country
Break-down of the taxable amount (excluding tax*) per tax* rate or exemptionDepends on the country
Break-down of the tax amount per tax* rate or exemptionDepends on the country
Total tax* amountDepends on the country
RoundingIf applicable

* e.g. VAT, GST, sales tax, service tax

Questions about sending invoices?

If you have questions about sending invoices to KONE, our contact information can be found here.