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Invoice content requirements

The table below shows what must be included in your e-invoices to KONE. Additional information will be added as required by law and per your agreement with KONE.

Type of informationMandatoryComment
Supplier’s e-invoicing addressMYour e-invoicing address
Supplier’s nameMYour company name
Supplier’s addressMYour company address
Supplier’s VAT IDMYour VAT ID for Europe or tax identification for countries outside Europe
Supplier’s bank account / IBAN numberMSEPA payments require correct IBAN number
Supplier’s bank name and SWIFT / BIC codeMSEPA payments require correct BIC code
KONE e-invoicing addressMSee e-invoice addresses
KONE company nameMOn the invoice it must be clearly stated, which company it is addressed to
KONE addressMCompany legal address as stated in PO/contract
Invoice numberM
Invoice dateM
Invoice typeMInvoice/credit note
Invoice due dateMInvoice due date must be shown on the invoice
Invoice gross amountMTotal amount including VAT
Invoice net amountMAmount excluding VAT
CurrencyMCurrency (code) needs to be stated clearly
Purchase order numberM1If the invoice is based on the purchase order, KONE order number must be stated. Order number is provided by KONE.
Cost centerM1To be provided by KONE
KONE referenceM1Reference requested by KONE, e.g. KONE contact person or cost center

M = mandatory
M1 = one of these 3 fields has to be presented on the invoice

Additional information

  1. Other documents: Any other documents such as commercials, bank guarantees, certificates of origin and statements of accounts and other similar documents must be sent to the invoice queries email address (see Contact information).
  2. We use reference number to automate the invoice processing: It is important that you state the number given by us on the invoice. Make sure to include the reference in the identical form given to you in the fields Purchase order number and Customer reference (buyers name). Do not add nor take away anything from the number or name.
  3. Attachments need to be delivered with the e-invoice: Include all the attachments to your electronic invoices. Invoices and attachments delivered separately are not approved.
  4. Single vs. collective invoices: We prefer all invoices to be sent as single invoices. This ensures increased automatic invoice handling, automated processes and allows us to settle your invoices promptly. Although it is possible to distribute collective invoices also electronically, we advise against it. Collective invoices diminish the possibilities for automatic invoice handling and make it difficult to maintain automated processes. Collective invoices might also require a customer specific layout, increasing cost for all involved parties.
  5. Special requirements per supplier: In addition to the requirements presented in this document, some suppliers might be required to enclose additional information. Such additional requirements are and will be regulated by your agreement with KONE.
  6. Format: We are able to receive invoices in all relevant standardized xml formats. In this document, the usage of the latest version of _XML format_ is assumed. Please contact Basware or your e-invoicing service provider for a detailed format description.
  7. Enclosed invoice images: All enclosed invoice images must come in the format of either a pdf-file or a TIFF-file. If no invoice image is enclosed, a standardized invoice image will be generated by Basware. The Basware generated image may not include all the information you would like to share with KONE. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to include a pdf/TIFF-copy of your own.

Questions about sending invoices?

If you have questions about sending invoices to KONE, our contact information can be found here.